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This update was released on February 23rd, 2018.

  • General
    • Now requires CustomCarSupport.
  • Rewards
    • Relocated Rewards definitions for Levels 2-7 to "scripts\missions\rewards\rewards_2-7.mfk". This is a dummy file that doesn't actually get loaded but exists to preserve these definitions. Note that all the relevant files for these rewards are still present but they are not necessarily in a working state.
    • Fixed an issue where the path to the Donut Sedan was incorrect.
    • Added proper phonebooth images for the Bonestorm Truck, the Donut Sedan and the Speed Rocket.
  • Missions
    • L1M3
      • Fixed an issue where the notice message states the incorrect amount of coins to buy Barney's Plow King vehicle.
    • L1BM1
      • Fixed an issue where the path to the locators file was incorrect.
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