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Version 4.2.1

This update was released on October 5th, 2019.

  • Added "New > History" to the "Edit" menu and the right click menu of the tree view.
    • This is only available when "View > Show Advanced Chunks" is enabled.
  • Fixed a typo on "Sound Resource Data Name" when viewing ATC chunks.
  • Made it so file/folder browse dialogues fall back to Windows XP style versions in the event the Pure3D Editor or .NET fail to create Windows Vista style dialogues.
    • This resolves an issue where this happened on Windows 10 1809 when using a High Contrast theme.
    • This was also able to happen on Windows 7 with "Disable visual themes" ticked in the executable's compatibility settings.
  • Made it so "Add History Chunks When Saving" defaults to disabled.
    • These are stripped out of non-decompilable mods by default.
    • These are not visible when "Show Advanced Chunks" is off, in case you've never seen these.
  • Made it so the History Chunk Editor only updates the chunk data when defocusing the text field (instead of immediately when typing into it).
  • Made it so modifying a history chunk will also update the display name for the chunk in the tree view.
  • Made it so the Pure3D Editor will attempt to recover from unhandled exceptions in various cases.
    • Examples include:
      • When making changes to chunks.
      • When saving a file.
        • It should also no longer write invalid files if an exception occurs when writing the file.
      • When updating chunk editors.
      • When updating tools.
      • When updating the tree view of chunks.
    • It is still strongly recommended that in the event of an exception, you use "Save As..." to save your current file to a different location and verify that it still appears to be valid.
  • Made it so the Vertex Type in Old Primitive Group chunks get updated automatically when removing lists such as Colour Lists from inside them.
    • In some cases, the game might not like certain lists not existing. This just means that the file will be valid now at least.
    • Loading files that were broken as a result of doing this in an older version of the Pure3D Editor and saving them in this version will fix them.
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