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Version 4.0-L2PB1

This update was released on September 1st, 2019.


  • Now requires Version 1.23.4 of the Mod Launcher.
  • Made various additional cars and characters available in SHAR MP.
  • Added DoctorBison to the character design section of the credits.


  • Fixed alpha issues with the glass on the Donut Truck.
  • Fixed alpha issues with the glass on the Duff Truck.
  • Fixed alpha issues with the glass on Moe's Sedan.
  • Fixed alpha issues with the glass on the Surveillance Van.
  • Updated the Wi-Fi van models to have way lower resolution logos.
  • Updated the reward Wi-Fi van to have the antenna animation from the cell phone cars.
  • Removed the black traffic car color.
  • Replaced the fake agnes model in Skinner's Sedan with a real NPC.


  • Changed Ralph's color pallette (including gags).
  • Adjusted the color of the strap around the baton on Homer's Springshield outfit.
  • Replaced the hat model on Homer's Springshield outfit with a new, lower poly model. This change also affects the main menu model.


  • Fixed bleeding colors on the edge of the damage meter and large alphabet/number sprites.
  • Updated the damage meter, window frame and mission objective text box sprites to have a two-tone color design (like the HUD icons do).
  • Updated the Level 1 newspaper.

Taxi Missions

  • Made it so you get additional pickup time if the next passenger is not in the same zone the previous route ended in.
  • Made it so you get additional delivery time after the first route.

Level 1


  • Added Cletus as an ambient NPC. He is located near his outhouse.
  • Fixed an issue where traffic would no longer spawn after doing certain missions.


  • Adjusted the description for the Auto Dialer card.
  • Fixed Kearney's shirt to be white in a Gag in the Kwik-E-Mart.


  • Added shadows to the Cola Machines inside the cafeteria.
  • Increased the size of the trigger to enter the Power Plant cafeteria.
  • Made the chairs in the power plant cafeteria into physics props.
  • Replaced Frink's house with a custom model based on his actual house from the show.

Mission 1

  • Removed a go-to stage in the pre-mission to make the talk to Marge more seamless.
  • Adjusted the trigger for starting the destroy Skinner stage.

Mission 3

  • Added a hyphen to "WELL-DESERVED NAP" in the mission info.
  • Moved the go-to locator positions for a couple stages so the camera doesn't freak out.
  • Adjusted the position of one of the power couplings to be slightly further away from the cafeteria glass.
  • Removed several timers and rebalanced several other ones on Normal mode to allow more room for error.

Mission 4

  • Adjusted the start point of the Van escape stage.
  • Made the "TASK COMPLETE!" message when losing the van show on both difficulties instead of just Hellfish.

Mission 5

Removed an apostrophe from "NERDS" in the mission info.

Mission 6

Added a countdown timer to the start of the mission.

Mission 7

Changed an objective string to read "DESTROY HIS CAR!" instead of "DESTROY BURNS' CAR!"

Challenge 2

  • Added a finish line.
  • Added a HUD icon.
  • Reduced the character scale for the nuclear plant worker in the Curator to prevent his model from clipping the roof.

Level 2

Added this level.

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