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Additional Script Functionality

This is a mod requirable hack that must be required by a mod to be enabled.

This hack adds several new mission objectives, mission conditions, script commands and other new script functionality.

Requiring This Hack

To require this hack, add this line to your mod's Meta.ini:


Using This Hack

This hack simply provides additional commands you can use in MFK and CON scripts. You can find pages with more information listed below.

CON Commands

See All CON Commands.

MFK Commands

See All MFK Commands.

Objective Types

See All Objectives.

Condition Types

See All Conditions.

Version History


CON Commands

Added the SetWheelieOffsetX command. This is equivalent to Radical's SetWheelieOffsetY and SetWheelieOffsetZ commands but for the X axis.


Overhauled the handling of stage vehicles in regards to checkpoints.

This fixes various issues when resuming from a checkpoint when the mission added stage vehicles before it such as:

  • Stage vehicles spawning near the origin of the world when activated in the stage with the checkpoint or any subsequent stages without a locator being given to ActivateVehicle.
  • Stage vehicles that were added but not activated before the checkpoint would not exist if the checkpoint stage did not activate them even though they should.
  • Several script functions added by this hack would fail and show an assert when used before the checkpoint:
  • Stage vehicles added and activated in the first stage would cause an assert when using the -testing command line argument.
    • Only if the checkpoint was not on the first stage (why would you even have one there?)



  • Made it so this hack actually knows the previous or next stage when starting or ending a stage respectively.
    • In previous versions, the hack just guessed the previous or next stage by subtracting or adding one to the current stage index.
    • The old logic could cause issues in certain cases such as bombbarrel (nuclear waste) stages that can send you back multiple stages.
  • Fixed a bug where calling SetPedsEnabled alongside StreetRacePropsLoad would cause pedestrians to become disabled after the mission ends until another mission puts it back.


Added the SetCollectibleSoundEffect command to set the sound effect used when picking up a collectible in delivery, dump or race objectives.


Made it so this hack does not assert if a locator is missing if Missing Locator Detection is enabled in Debug Checks.


Fixed a conflict between Additional Script Functionality and Debug Test when the "Menus > Pause Menu > Pause Always Allowed" setting was enabled in Debug Test.


Fixed an assert when starting a mission that has an "insidetrigger" or "outsidetrigger" objective or condition on its first stage.


Made triggers disabled with "DisableTrigger" in two or more subsequent stages stay disabled between the stages.



  • Fixed an issue introduced in 1.21 where there would be an assert when entering the bonus game.
  • Made characters added to cars with ASF commands get removed from and re-added to the world when the car does instead of just when it explodes and is repaired.
    • Characters also now only get added immediately if the car is already in the world.
    • This resolves an issue where characters could remain floating in the air after the game removed a car.
  • Made g_CustomMissionData.empty() only assert when using the -testing command line argument.

MFK Commands

  • Added AddParkedCar. This allows you to add a car to the level's parked cars list without needing it to be also added to a traffic group with AddTrafficModel.
  • Added UseTrafficGroup. This sets the current traffic group index when getting to the mission via mission select or restarting it. This does not work unless the DynamicTraffic feature of CustomTrafficSupport is set to Models or Slots.


Removed "!m_bStart" asserts (previously on lines 3292 and 3336) related to using the SetPedsEnabled and SetParkedCarsEnabled commands respectively.


MFK Commands

  • Added SetParkedCarsEnabled. This allows you to enable or disable parked cars for a mission.
  • Added SetPedsEnabled. This allows you to enable or disable pedestrians for a mission.


CON Commands

  • Added the AddVehicleCharacter command.
  • Added the SetVehicleCharacterAnimation command.
  • Added the SetVehicleCharacterJumpOut command.
  • Added the SetVehicleCharacterScale command.
  • Added the SetVehicleCharacterSuppressionCharacter command.
  • Added the SetVehicleCharacterVisible command.

MFK Commands

  • Added the AddStageVehicleCharacter command.
  • Added the RemoveStageVehicleCharacter command.
  • Added the SetStageVehicleCharacterAnimation command.
  • Added the SetStageVehicleCharacterJumpOut command.
  • Added the SetStageVehicleCharacterScale command.
  • Added the SetStageVehicleCharacterVisible command.
  • Added the SetStageVehicleAllowSeatSlide command.
  • Updated SetStageCharacterModel to default the second argument to the player's current animation set instead of requiring the argument.


New Features

  • Added a new none display mode for SetCondDisplay. This mode is usable on all ASF conditions.
  • Added a new hitandrunlost condition. This will fail the player if they lose the Hit & Run they have during the stage.
  • Added a new SetStageVehicleNoDestroyedJumpOut command. This prevents a driver from jumping out of a car should it explode.
  • Added a new SetStageAllowMissionCancel command. This prevents the player from restarting or cancelling the mission on the stage.
  • Made ASF commands that take a boolean as an argument accept true or false as well as 0 or 1 instead of accepting any integer and treating it as true if it's not 0.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where calling SetStageCharacterModel on a stage that calls RESET_TO_HERE that is preceded by another stage that calls SetStageCharacterModel (with the same model and animation set) didn't work.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing enter to continue after restarting from a failed delayed condition in a reset-in-car mission with "Action/Get Out" bound to enter would cause you to exit your vehicle after the mission restarted.
  • Fixed an issue where hitandrunlost stages that also call SetStageHitAndRun(100); to trigger a hit and run would automatically complete if you entered the stage without already having a Hit & Run.


Added this hack.

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