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Donut Mod is an extensive campaign mod with a new version of the classic Buzz Cola conspiracy story told through all new story missions.

It also features a number of new cars, characters, locations and collectibles.

Public Beta

The public beta version currently includes the first two levels of the game with all of the following features and content:

  • Two difficulty modes.
    • Normal Mode: A more simplified and easy-going experience.
    • Hellfish Mode: A more challenging mode for those who want to test their skills.
  • 15 new story missions.
  • 2 new bonus missions.
  • 6 new challenge missions.
    • These missions take the place of Street Races and feature more varied objectives and new host characters.
  • 2 new taxi missions.
    • These missions take the place of Wager Races and feature randomly generated sets of passenger delivery stages.
    • You earn money from playing these missions, making it a great way to grind out for a level's cars and outfits.
  • Modified versions of the Evergreen Terrace and Downtown maps.
  • Over a dozen new cars available in shops and in amongst traffic.
  • 4 new outfits for Homer and Bart as well as some for NPCs.
  • 14 new collector cards.
  • 60 wasp cameras.
  • A new high definition HUD.

Version History

See All Versions.

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