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Version 1.23.9

This update was released on November 19th, 2019.



This version adds a couple new language strings related to new mod features.

A new template language (Template_1.23.9.xml) was published on this page including these new strings at the end of the file.


Fixed a critical flaw in the program where the Manage Configurations window mistakingly had an ellipsis on the end of its title.

Mod Features

Added a [MultipleChoiceSettingOptions] section that can be referenced with the new Options property in a [Setting] section.

This can be used to define a series of titles and values for more refined and user friendly MultipleChoice settings.


Hack Support

Added the -debuglookupstring command line argument. This makes this hack output to the console every time the game tries looking up a text string.

Custom Files

  • Improved efficency of the Output Lua function for path handlers, particularly when calling it multiple times.
    • Also added a -legacyoutput command line argument to opt out of this change.
    • Also added the IsLegacyOutput Lua function to detect if that argument is in use.

Custom Interior Support

Made ResetAmbientCharacter show an assert dialog and do nothing if the specified character does not exist instead of crashing the game.

Debug Checks

Removed the "Experimental" title from the "Missing Detection > Composite Drawable" setting.

Frame Limiter

Removed the "Experimental" title from the "Load Files While Waiting" setting.

Load Manager Thread Coordination

Made -radloadmanagerthreadcoordinationimposeframelimit and -radloadmanagermultiplecallbacks cause the hack to be loaded even if it isn't enabled in the mods list or required by another hack.

Rebindable Menu Gamepad Inputs

Added this new hack.

This hack allows you to rebind the controller inputs used for the Accept and Back actions in menus.

It also allows you to optionally pause the game with the Back button(s).


  • Fixed a bug when "Independent Inputs > D-Pad Buttons" was enabled where players 2-4 could control menus with their D-Pads.
  • Made the hack only tell the game about XInput devices when they're connected.
    • Also added the -noxinputignoredisconnected, -noxinputmaintainorder, -noxinputremove and -noxinputadd command line arguments to opt out of various components of this change.
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