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Getting Started

This hack utilises the Lua Support hack to allow mods to run Lua code to handle files when the game requests they be loaded.

Mods can define Lua code in two places:

  • CustomFiles.lua: This is a script located in the root of the mod that will be executed as soon as the mod is loaded.
  • Path Handlers: Mods can specify Lua scripts that will be executed when a specific file or files (via wildcards) are requested by the game using the hack's configuration file.
    • These scripts are intended to go somewhere in a folder named "Resources" in the root of the mod.

This allows mods to do a number of powerful things such as redirect or manipulate the files being requested or generate new ones altogether.

Allowed Functions/Variables

For a list of all of the stock Lua functions and variables that are allowed with this hack, see Allowed Functions/Variables.

Custom Functions

For a list of custom functions this hack provides, see All Custom Lua Functions.

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