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Version 1.16.1

This update was released on October 28th, 2017.


Account Integration

Added Donut Team Account Integration.


Aspect Ratio Support

Fixed an issue that caused a rare, seemingly random, crash.

Custom Limits

  • Added the DeletedEntityLimit property to the [Miscellaneous] section.
  • Added the PathLimit property to the [Miscellaneous] section.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the Intersection limit to higher than normal did not change the amount of animated arrows that got created.
    • This caused crashes since there's supposed to be an instance of the arrows created for every intersection.

HUD Map Ignore Player Height

Added this new hack. This makes it so the camera for the HUD map ignores the Y position of the player.

Unlock All Missions

Made this hack do nothing in the Demo version of the game.

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