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Version 1.25

This update was released on July 21st, 2020.



  • Made the Mod Launcher support .NET 4.0 and use it if it's available.
    • .NET 4.0 is installed by default on Windows 8 and newer.
    • .NET 3.5 is installed by default on Windows 7.
    • This means the Mod Launcher should no longer require a version of .NET that isn't installed by default on Windows 7 or newer.
    • Windows XP and Windows Vista users can install .NET 3.5 or .NET 4.0 to run the Mod Launcher.
    • Windows 7 users can optionally install .NET 4.0.
    • You can delete "Lucas Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher.exe.config" out of the folder to opt out of this change.
  • Made the Mod Launcher support running in Mono within Wine on Linux.
    • You can start it in Mono on Windows as well but this doesn't work very well.
  • Made the Mod Launcher show a message and refuse to start if it's not running in a Windows environment (such as Mono on Linux but not within Wine).
    • Also added the -nowindowscheck command line argument to bypass this.
      • Bypassing this won't work particularly well.
    • Also added the -spoofwindowscheck command line argument to force the non-Windows environment behaviour.
      • This is useful to test the message when localising the program.
  • Made it so the Mod Launcher no longer creates %localappdata%\Lucas Stuff\Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher on startup.
    • Now it will only get created when it's actually needed (when generating mod icons for the Jump List or the game window (when a Main mod or Edition mod with an icon is enabled and when not using -nogamemodicon)).
  • Fixed an issue where the Mod Launcher could not load its hacks when running from a path containing characters not supported by the user's non-Unicode system locale.
    • For example: A path containing Chinese or Russian characters when using an English locale.
  • Made the -language command line argument support "E", "F", "G" and "S" in addition to "0", "1", "2" and "4" respectively.

Mods List

  • Made it so the mods list no longer gets repopulated in various cases.
    • When disabling mods when on the Enabled category.
    • When removing mods from your Favourites when on the Favourites category.
    • When hiding mods when on categories other than Enabled.
    • When unhiding mods when on the Hidden category.
    • Instead, it just removes the mods that should no longer be listed.
    • This makes these actions faster and also makes it so they don't scroll the mods list to the top anymore.
  • Made it so reloading individual mods no longer redundantly updates the mods list a second time.
    • This causes it to be slightly faster.


This version adds new language strings.

A new template language (Template_1.25.xml) was published on this page including these new strings at the end of the file.


Additional Script Functionality

Custom Character Support

Fixed an issue where this hack being enabled caused the picking of a player idle animation to always use different random number generation even when no IdleAnimationWeight properties were specified for the character.

Custom Files


  • Fixed an assert when attempting to enable Data Execution Prevention in a couple cases:
    • When the SetProcessDEPPolicy API is not implemented (such as when running in Wine).
    • When the system DEP policy is set to "AlwaysOff" or "AlwaysOn".

Lua Scripting

Added the GetGameLanguage function. This allows you to check what language version of the game the user is playing.

Custom Limits

  • Added a [Missions] section with a new StageLimit.
  • Added a [Pedestrians] section with a new GroupLimit.
    • Also moved the [Miscellaneous] section's PathLimit here.
      • It is still supported in the [Miscellaneous] section for backwards compatibility.
  • Fixed an issue where the [Regions] section's Limit has been broken since its introduction in Version 1.15 on September 20th, 2016.
    • The actual mistake was due to the hack mistakenly changing the memory allocator used for regions.
    • This happened because these happen to use heap 7 (GMA_LEVEL_ZONE) and since the default region limit is 7, this number was also mistakenly being changed by this hack in every previous version where this feature exists.
    • This update also removes a hard limit of 127 from this limit, however it was impossible to actually set it anywhere near that number due to this mistake.

Custom Shop Support

Changed the Whitelist and Blacklist elements used inside PhoneBooth and SkinShop elements to IncludedItems and ExcludedItems.

The old names are still supported for backwards compatibility.

Debug Checks

  • Added new messages for crashes within MFK and CON scripts.
    • Example 1
    • Example 2
    • You can press "OK" to continue executing the script from the next command.
      • The game might be in a corrupt state afterwards though.
  • Added a new message for missing tokens in MFK and CON scripts.
    • Example 1
    • Example 2
    • Without this message, Radical silently aborts executing the script when a token is missing.
      • This still happens if you press "OK" on this message.

Debug Text

Renamed the -debugtextmode command line argument to -debugtextpage to be more consistent with the hack's settings.

The old is still supported for backwards compatibility.

File System RCFs

Made it so asserts shown when an RCF file doesn't include a matching data entry for a name entry only appear when using -testing.

Modern Computer Support

  • Made it so this hack always does its fixes for slow file loads when running in Wine regardless of the reported Windows version.
    • This fixes an issue where file loads were slow when Wine was reporting as Windows XP.
      • The Winetricks dotnet35sp1 verb sets it to do this.
  • Added the -noslowfileloadfixes command line argument.
  • Added the -forceslowfileloadfixes command line argument.

No Bonus Game

Added this hack. This can be required by a mod to disable the bonus game.

No Introduction Movies

Made this hack requirable by mods.

Mods that occlude movie files or do other similar workarounds to suppress the exact same movies as this hack does should either require this hack or add it as an optional hack to improve the handling of this when it's available.

Skip Main Menu

Fixed an issue where this hack caused any unlocked reward cars or skins to be locked when you first load into the game.

Going back to the main menu and then back ingame would fix this.

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