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Predefined Variables

This page lists all pre-defined variables that you can use in your XML files.

These variables are case sensitive.


This variable contains the path to the folder the tool's executable (LSHaRMB.exe) is located in.

<Include Path="$(MapBuilderPath)\Rules\Zone.xml"/>


This variable contains the path that you have The Simpsons Hit & Run installed to.

<InputPure3DFile Name="L2Terra" Path="$(GamePath)\art\L2_TERRA.p3d" />


This variable contains the path to the XML file it's being used in. This can be useful for setting path variables in your main rules file that are used by files in a sub-directory.

<SetVariable Name="LocalResourcesPath" Value="$(ParentPath)\Resources" />

System Environment Variables

System environment variables can also be used like other variables in XML files.

Note that instead of the Windows syntax %system_variable%, you would use the same syntax as other variables in this tool: $(system_variable).

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