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Custom Road Behaviour

This hack must be required by a mod to be enabled.

This hack allows mods to define custom behaviour for specific roads.

Requiring This Hack

To require this hack, add this line to your mod's Meta.ini:


Your mod must provide a configuration file when requiring this hack.

Configuring This Hack

To configure this hack, create a file named CustomRoadBehaviour.xml and add the parameters necessary for your mod inside it.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
		Name: The name of the behaviour.
		Value: The value to give the behaviour.
		Index: The index of the level (zero-based).
		Number: The number of the level (one-based).
			Name: The name of the road.

	<Level Number="1">
		<Behaviour Name="UTurnTolerance" Value="0.10" />
		<!-- Bridge Roads by the School in Road Rage Returns -->
		<Road Name="R031">
			<Behaviour Name="DisableTrafficGroundSnapping" Value="true" />
		<Road Name="R032">
			<Behaviour Name="DisableTrafficGroundSnapping" Value="true" />

Version History


Added support for a Number attribute on elements.


Added this hack.

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