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Version 1.16

This update was released on September 15th, 2017.



  • Added a "Game Install" button to the "Open..." menu on the bottom left of the main window.
  • Made the Mod Launcher warn you if the Simpsons executable you select is not in a game folder.

Mod Features

  • Added a Credits boolean to [Author] sections to show them on the new "Credits" section to the Mod Information panel.
  • Made it so an [Author] section can have multiple Group properties defined.
  • Made it so you can specify AuthorGroup propeties in the [Miscellaneous] section of a Mod's Meta.ini to control the order of the groups.


Hack Support

Made it take the game out of fullscreen when showing message windows.

Aspect Ratio Support

Made the translucent black polygon in the background of the phonebooth handle different aspect ratios better.

Custom Limits

Fixed a bug where CustomLimits.ini was not included when compiling mods.

Custom Road Behaviour

Added this new hack. This allows you to define custom behaviour for specific roads.

Custom Stats Totals

Made the "Clothes" and "Vehicles" menus get disabled in the scrapbook if there aren't any clothes or vehicles registered respectively.


Fixed a bug where Multiplayer.xml was not included when compiling mods.

No Cheats

Made this hack tickable but hidden by default.

No Fast Car Reset

Made it requirable by mods and hacks.

No Inactive Dynamic Object Collisions

Added this new hack. This affects the behaviour of physics props.

No Mission Start Cameras

Added this new hack. This is a Setting hack that disables mission start cameras.

Resizable Window

Added this new hack. This allows you to resize the game window.

Road Names

Added this new advanced hack. This keeps track of road names for other hacks to use.


  • Made it play a sound when taking a screenshot.
    • Customisable by mods.
  • Made it flash the screen when taking a screenshot.
  • Made Control+F12 take a screenshot that excludes the HUD.
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