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Calls a callback function for every file and sub-directory in the given path.

The order of these files is not predictable and should not be relied upon.


DirectoryGetEntries( <path>, <callback>, [<end_to_start>] )
  • path: The directory to iterate.
  • callback: The callback that will be called for each item in the directory.
    • This callback is given the two arguments:
      • FileOrDirectory: The file or directory name.
      • IsDirectory: Whether or not the entry is a directory.
    • This callback must return true for the loop to continue.
  • end_to_start: Makes the function iterate the directory in reverse order.
    • Optional, defaults to false.


-- Print each file and whether or not it's a directory.
DirectoryGetEntries(Path, function(FileOrDirectory, IsDirectory)
    print(FileOrDirectory, IsDirectory)

    return true


No additional notes.

Version History


Fixed a bug where calling DirectoryGetEntries on / yielded no results (when not using the -legacyfilesystem command line argument).


Added a third argument that specifies whether or not to return the list of files and folders in reverse order.

Unknown Version

Added this function.

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