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Version 1.13.2

This update was released on June 6th, 2016.



  • Fixed issues on systems where the decimal symbol is not a "."
  • Made the Mod Launcher ignore the compatibility mode setting of Simpsons.exe when "Modern Computer Support" is enabled (which it always is by default).

Mods List

  • Fixed a bug introduced in Version 1.13 where non 7-bit ASCII characters were displayed as question marks in the mod information panel.
  • Fixed a crash when changing non-integer number settings.
  • Made it so mods that default to being enabled such as Frame Limiter will now become enabled again when using the "Disable All" button.

Mod Features

  • Fixed a bug where CustomDialogueCharacterCodes.ini wasn't included when compiling a mod.
  • Fixed a bug where CustomMissionSkipFailCounts.ini wasn't included when compiling a mod.


Custom Files

Fixed a crash when redirecting files loaded by frontend pages.

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