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Version 1.22.1

This update was released on March 7th, 2019.



  • Fixed a crash when failing to read/write a pinned shortcut.
  • Fixed a crash when failing to reload mods when doing a full reload as a result of one or more mods being unable to be individually reloaded when a Meta.ini changed before launching the game or compiling mods.
  • Made it so loading a hack with "-hack" or "-hacks" will make the hack take precedence over the default hacks.


Hack Support

  • Added a -noresourcemeta command line argument. This disables this hack reading information out of the Meta files for Mods and Hacks.
  • Increased the maximum length of property values in INI files from 511 characters to 32767 characters.

Custom Text

Removed this hack's length limit on strings, instead using the general limit (now 32767).

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